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above pollution

it's what we fight for

We have only one earth.

It's our home, our sanctuary, our playground.


It’s shocking to us that other sports drink companies don’t care about our home. They fill millions of wasteful plastic bottles each year with their drinks. To make these millions of plastic bottles, they use 17 million barrels of crude oil every year. Also manufacturing plastic bottles requires 3x the amount of water then they actually hold. That excessive amount of water is wasted. So much for sustainability.


Unfortunately it only gets worse. Over 60 million plastic bottles are thrown away every day in the United States. These plastic bottles end up in landfills, our oceans, and on our streets. It's killing our home, killing our animals, and it’s causing massive complications to our ecosystem.


We need to stop this.

We made a promise 

To strive above the line with everything we do.


We take that seriously.


So when it came down to finding the right bottle we stayed far away from plastic. 


It was a no brainer.


Sure plastic bottles would have been cheaper. But we feel it's more important to keep our world a little bit greener rather than our wallets. 


To us, plastic bottles are the past. 


We look to the future. 

above plastic




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