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above the pH

it's what our bodies need

When working out our bodies naturally become more acidic. 


That’s the pain we feel. It's called lactic acid.


Most leading sports drinks are around 3-pH. Heavily acidic. That’s the last thing we should drink while working out. Drinking heavily acidic drinks only intensifies the effects of lactic acid.

A recent scientific study in the​ National Institutes of Health showed that drinking higher pH balanced beverages during workouts improves exercise performance and counteracts the lactic acid buildup.


Simply put, drinking alkaline helps you hydrate quicker and it reduces muscle pain, cramps and muscular fatigue.


Seems like an easy choice to us.


According the Journal of the American Dental Association, drinking highly acidic sports drinks like Gatorade, Powerade, Propel, and Vitamin Water can cause "irreversible acidic dissolution of surface tooth structure.”


They warn us that these acidic sports drinks are "extremely erosive” and should be avoided.


That’s what the doctors say. We're inclined to listen to them. 

another good reason

Do you like taking medication?

We're assuming you don't.

Research shows that households that buy these highly acidic sports drinks, are more likely to buy medications to counteract the effects of drinking acid. 

Sounds like a lot of pain and wasted money to us. 

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